2nd Stimulus Check Update: $1200 Stimulus Checks | Unemployment COMING | Hazard Pay WARNING

2nd Stimulus Check Update: $1200 Stimulus Checks | Unemployment COMING | Hazard Pay WARNING

This is one second stimulus check update video that you will want to watch. Let me address all the rumors surrounding the $1,200 stimulus check, the unemployment benefits, and lastly essential workers and their hazard pay...

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As week 2 comes to a close there is a lot more information coming out about the upcoming second stimulus check, the possible unemployment extension, eviction moratoriums, and more from the stimulus package. As more and more days go by, it is coming to hear about new and upcoming proposals by other Senators. This is exactly what is happening now.

In this video I address what is currently going on with the 2nd stimulus check and the likelihood that it will be for ONLY $1,200. This might come as a shock to many, but the truth is that anything but the $1,200 stimulus check should surprise you. Here on this channel I have been saying that this check would most likely be a $1,200 stimulus check for months and it is about to become reality. With that said, if this stimulus package is not large enough, then the odds of a third stimulus check might need to be in the works as well.

Something that I mention in this stimulus update is that talks on unemployment seem to be making progress. This is great news for all waiting for stimulus payments of some kind. Yes, unemployment benefits only help those that are currently unemployed. However, that is close to 20 million American's right now, so it will help out a lot of people.

The Stimulus Check was confirmed over 1 week ago. Now, 11 days later and we still have not heard much good news regarding the entire stimulus package. I bet you are getting as discouraged as I am with all the talks and nothing really getting done, right? If you are, then just know that hopefully next week will be the resolution of this entire issue.

I know that there will be a lot more talks regarding which bill is going to be passed, so I will make sure I keep you up to date on all of that as well. Whether the bill that gets passed is the Heroes Act or the Heals Act will play a major part in what American's will get in regards to stimulus payments.

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