10 Most Fearless Animals In The World

10 Most Fearless Animals In The World

With so many fearsome and impressive creatures in the world, finding the most fearless is a daunting task. Still, we’ve got a solid 10 most fearsome animals in the world that are sure to hit all the highlights. Some of these may surprise you, but all of these animals are extremely aggressive and don’t back down from a fight.

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Number 10. Honey Badger

The honey badger, also known as the reatel, is found all over India, Asia, and Africa. Despite its name, the honey badger is more like a weasel than other badgers. It has few natural predators, thanks to its thick skin and incredible strength. The honey badger is also known as a fierce competitor when it comes to a fight. These little beasts have even been observed taking on lions at the Moholoholo Rehab Centre in Limpopo, South Africa. One badger there managed to tear its way out of its enclosure before burying under an electrified fence in order to attack a pride of lions housed nearby. It seems the honey badger decided that they were invading its territory and it did what honey badgers do best...it threw down and took them all on. Ratels can also withstand most snake venoms, so they’re happy to take on snakes as well. Their skin is loose, thick, and rubbery, allowing honey badgers to maneuver their way into a striking position even if they’re pinned. Their skin can also easily repel both arrows and spears. On top of all this, honey badgers have sharp claws and strong jaws filled with sharp teeth. They’ve been observed using those razor sharp claws to actually castrate other animals and even people. Honey badgers are also amazingly smart. One was even seen rolling a log across the ground before positioning it upright in order to reach a bird. With everything they’ve got going for them, honey badgers don’t really have a care in the world. That being said, they do have a ridiculously high metabolism, so they’re always on the hunt for their next meal, going from kill to kill without missing a beat.

Number 9. Nile Crocodile

A fierce apex predator, a nile crocodile doesn’t have much to fear for the most part. As such, Nile crocodiles are currently on the list of ‘least concern’ on the IUCN red list for quite some time now. Their populations are pretty much stable and they can live in many different habitats without issue. That being said, this species is rarely found in saltwater environments, although they do sometimes enjoy a dip in deltas and brackish lakes. They prefer lakes, rivers, and marshlands. Nile crocodiles can grow to lengths of around 5 metres and weigh up to 1,650 pounds. Some do exceed this, making the nile crocodile the second-largest extant reptile in the entire world. A crocodile’s thick, scaly skin is heavily armoured, allowing them to fend off any potential attacks with ease. Nile crocodiles do share some space with hippos, so they have to watch out for ill-tempered neighbours from time to time, but they’re usually able to keep any aggressive animals at bay with minimal fuss. Ambush predators, nile crocodiles like to sit around and wait for prey to stray too close, remaining hidden until the very last second. Nile crocodiles follow a hierarchy that respects size above all else and are extremely territorial. These predators are responsible for hundreds of human deaths each and every year, which also makes them especially dangerous for people.

Number 8. Baboon

Baboons rank among the largest non-hominid primates and have existed on the planet for at least a couple million years. They managed to pull off this feat by being extremely cunning, avoiding a fight if they don’t have to throw down. Still, baboons are more than ready to get their hands dirty if they have to. These ferocious Old World monkeys have massive and powerful jaws that are packed with sharp canine teeth and they aren’t afraid to use those chompers to get the job done. Baboons take over specific territories, shifting from time to time in order to follow food sources. Their troops average around 50 members, making them quite intimidating groups. When threatened, baboons bare their teeth before getting overly aggressive. Each baboon and troop is different, however, and their tolerance for being bothered can vary. Baboons will also fight each other for dominance, with these fights usually ending poorly for at least one baboon.....

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