I’m Trapped In The Same Body With My Crazy Sister | This is my story

I’m Trapped In The Same Body With My Crazy Sister | This is my story

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Hello, everyone. my name is Mercy and my boyfriend cheated on me with my conjoined twin.

You could say that I’m a living miracle because most people with my condition die within 24 hours of their birth. But I didn’t, well, we didn’t. My sister Laney and I are conjoined twins. We have the same torso but separate heads and very, very different minds. From the day we were born, I was incredibly oriented towards a goal - I wanted to learn, I wanted to gain knowledge, see the world, be an expert in something, but not Laney. Laney was impulsive like a little devil trying to tempt me to do crazy things. And this is where all the trouble started - the hero and the villain trapped in the same body.

We were about 8 when the hate between us really began. Our parents were a bit strict or maybe just really worried about us and Laney couldn’t handle it. She would always talk back to them or scream at them. One evening she even shouted at mom saying, “I hate you. I will always hate you for the way I look! It’s your fault!” From then on, we started noticing our mom being very distant and cold to us. She stopped spending time with us, she didn’t want us to go with her to public places as if she was ashamed of being our mom.

One morning, we came for breakfast, she tossed some sandwiches, told us to stay at home today and left with no explanation. My sister laughed and told me that this is great, now we can go to mom’s room and try her make-up on without her noticing. We went to my parents’ room and immediately felt like something was wrong...Something was missing. This ugly thought was spinning in my head. I tried ignoring it but after going through one shelf after the other, I knew it to be true - mom had left. Mom had left us for good.

I started crying, we ran downstairs to the yard and saw mom sitting behind the wheel with all her stuff packed inside the car, sobbing. We walked up to her. Laney started knocking on the window but as soon as mom saw us, she turned on the ignition and drove away. I kept hearing Laney shouting into nothingness, “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” Dad kind of tried calming us down for a while, saying that she just needs to take a vacation or something but she never came back. And my troubles have just started.

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