The Best Mark Ruffalo Bloopers Ever

The Best Mark Ruffalo Bloopers Ever

From acclaimed indie dramas to massive Marvel blockbusters, Mark Ruffalo has proven he can do it all. But that doesn't mean that he nails every scene on the first take — and we've got just the collection of hilarious bloopers to prove it.

After a couple of false starts with Eric Bana and Edward Norton, Marvel finally found a credible Hulk in Mark Ruffalo. While he has yet to get a standalone movie, he's been a big green part of the Avengers films and has popped up in a number of Marvel Cinematic Universe entries. While Hulk is primarily the work of CGI, Ruffalo does the heavy lifting as the Dr. Jekyll to Hulk's Mr. Hyde, as gifted scientist Bruce Banner.

Like the rest of his fellow Avengers — and the majority of the actors who've taken on major roles in the MCU — Ruffalo has to cope with a certain amount of green screen acting, up to and including the hours he's spent on set playing the Hulk via a motion-capture rig that acts as the basis for the CGI-driven depiction of the big green guy that we see onscreen.

But Ruffalo has it a little easier than most, given that he doesn't often have to speak much while playing the Hulk, but that definitely isn't to say he hasn't faced some of his own dialogue challenges. These Avengers movies are, at their core, science-fiction flicks, and he's playing the most prominent scientist around, in them. That means it's up to Ruffalo to deliver lots of technical jargon and scientific word gumbo. And, even an actor of Ruffalo's caliber has a tough time with it, sometimes.

Watch the video to see the rest of the best Mark Ruffalo bloopers ever!

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Bruce Banner goes off-brand | 0:12
The ol' mumbo-jumbo | 1:12
All heroes must fall | 2:08
A little razzle-dazzle | 2:47
Just like Heaven | 3:53
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