5 Things We Learned vs Brighton. 0-3 Brighton vs Man Utd | GREENWOOD & BRUNO GOALS

5 Things We Learned vs Brighton. 0-3 Brighton vs Man Utd | GREENWOOD & BRUNO GOALS

Manchester United 3-0 Win Over Brighton Hove Albion. 5 Things We Learned from the game. 5 Things we learned vs Brighton. Brighton 0-3 Man Utd. Goals from Greenwood and Bruno Fernandes in the first half, with assists from Paul Pogba and Aaron Wan Bissaka. Bruno Fernandes makes it 3-0 after an assist from Greenwood. Man Utd 3-0 Brighton highlights and goals. Brighton 0-3 Manchester United highlights after great performances from Mason Greenwood and Bruno Fernandes with goals and assists. 5 Things we learned from Man Utd 3-0 win. Brighton vs Manchester United 0-3 Highlights and goals. 6 Things we learned Brighton vs Man Utd 0-3
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