Ellen DeGeneres Is 2020's Villain Of The Year

Ellen DeGeneres Is 2020's Villain Of The Year

From A Toxic Work Environment To Jokes That Are Tone-Deaf, Ellen Has Had Quite The Year
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Since the Ellen Degeneres show began in 2003, comedian Ellen Degeneres has made it her full time job making people laugh. With her “Be Kind” slogan, the host has been praised for her feel-good day time TV content as well as her philanthropy and good deeds. Recently however, the internet has turned against this star, calling for her show to be cancelled.

Since 2020 began, fans, former guests, colleagues and even her staff members have been coming forward with allegations of mistreatment from the star. People have claimed that Ellen is not the happy face she appears to be on TV. They say that in real life, Ellen Degeneres can be mean and even a bully. Ellen has been accused of many things including trying to get servers fired, being controlling of her wife Portia de Rossi, underpaying and mistreating her set crew, and even refusing to acknowledge people she believes are beneath her such as bloggers and bodyguards. During the covid-19 pandemic, crew’s pay was reportedly cut by 60%.

Are these allegations against the tv star true? Or is she the victim of the internet’s latest craze of cancel culture. #RIPEllen is trending on twitter. Whether or not the allegations are true, Ellen’s show, and reputation, is now in jeopardy as she loses more and more loyal fans by the day.

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Written by: Laurie M.
Narrated by: Cam Y.
Edited by: Ieva L

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