Love sentences part-1 in Nepali

Love sentences part-1 in Nepali

This video will help you to speak some basic and easy love sentences to your sweetheart. Please watch and understand how to use these sentences with different meanings and also subscribe for more videos.
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तँपाईले सरलबाट जटिलतिर जाँदा सही होला ।
मैले दिइएको तलका भिडियोहरुको लिङ्कमा click गरी दिनमा कम्तीमा पनि एकवटा हेर्नुहोला ।
This , these & that, those को प्रयोग
was/were को प्रयोग
Am/is/are को प्रयोग
Shall/will कोप्रयोग
MOdal Auxilary को प्रयोग
Tense Indroduction को भिडियो
Can/Could को प्रयोग
Daily Use मा प्रयोग हुने महत्वपूर्ण वाक्यहरु

Simple Present:-

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