Welded Diff vs. $1200 Diff | HiLow

Welded Diff vs. $1200 Diff | HiLow

$1200 Limited Slip Differential vs a Free Welded Differential! Is saving the cash worth it? Let’s find out.

Team Hi (James Pumphrey & Zach Jobe) and Team Low (Nolan Sykes & Aaron Parker) have installed coilovers, wheels, and big meaty tires in order to make their cars faster, but we’re not just building these 350zs to be race cars, we’re building them to be fun cars. And what’s more fun than doing some sweet drifties on the skid pad.

To do that, we’re going to be swapping out our differentials... well Team Hi is. Nolan will be doing the time honored option of welding his.

With an open differential, the power from your engine takes the path of least resistance to the wheels. That’s good for allowing the inside and outside wheels to spin at different speeds when taking a turn —which is the reason diffs were invented in the first place. But, if one wheel totally loses traction the open diff just keeps directing more power to it and that one wheel will keep spinning til kingdom come. This is what we call a one-tire fire.

One way to limit that wheel from slipping is with a limited slip differential, or LSD. Team Hi bought a KAAZ SuperQ 2-way clutch-type Limited slip differential! 2 way means that the LSD engages the same amount during acceleration and deceleration. 2 way is generally the choice of drifters, because it keeps your lsd engaged pretty much all the time, which is good for skids.

Another way to prevent that one tire fire slippage and not spend $1200, is to weld the spider gears together leaving your back wheels permanently locked together all the time. This is great in a straight lines and when drifting, but when you go around corners and the wheels need to go different speeds, the diff can’t do its job anymore and the wheels end up constantly scrubbing and breaking traction in small jumps. But sometimes breaking traction is exactly what you want :)

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