11 Strict Rules Kardashian Jenner Force Their Kids To Follow

11 Strict Rules Kardashian Jenner Force Their Kids To Follow

To 'Regular' People These Kardashian Jenner Rules Are Crazy, But To Them, It's Normal
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If there’s one thing that Kardashians are good at, it’s breaking the rules, but that doesn’t mean their kids are allowed to do the same. The KUWTK clan may come off as a little harsh in front of their kids, but there’s a reason they’re so strict, even if their followers don’t think it’s fair. Just like every other kid in the world, the Kar-Jenner kids have to follow the rules. But have these rich and powerful reality TV moms crossed the line?

From Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian it has been their life’s goal to go against the norm, which explains their bold fashion choices and over-the-top lifestyle. But they’re not granting the same freedoms and liberties to their children, and that’s okay. The iconic TV family is living under the media’s proverbial microscope 24/7. This means that they have to set boundaries and enforce limits so that their children learn some self-control. That way, they’re less likely to engage in the type of risky behavior that will get their faces splattered all over the papers for all the wrong reasons.

And that’s a good thing for them to keep in mind because when your parents are reality stars, one little mishap can lead to embarrassing chaos and we all know Kris Jenner won't be happy with that. So, there’s no room for rule breaking or inappropriate behavior. Parenting rules ensure that kids are pushed towards success, and the name of the game in this family is to be successful and influential. So, wait until you hear about some of the Kardashian parenting rules that forces the kids to go through the wringer.

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