25 Crazy Facts About Robert Pattinson That Will Surprise Fans

25 Crazy Facts About Robert Pattinson That Will Surprise Fans

Here are some of the craziest things about Robert Pattinson that will blow your mind!
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Batman. Is. Pattinson! With Warner Brothers and DC confirming the news that Robert Pattinson will take on the Bat role from Ben Affleck, we thought he’d take a look at the English actor. On the video today we are going to blow your minds with facts! Or at least make you think, “oh, nice”, as we describe surprising facts about Pattinson. From his early career, to Twilight and beyond, we’ll be looking all over his life for these tidbits of information. Sorry Robert!

With Twilight being one of the most financially successful franchises of all time, there are a lot of Robert facts that fly under the radar. We have some juicy information on an intimate and bizarre rehearsal, an unfortunate injury, and Pattinson’s own opinions on the franchise. As Pattinson’s first big break was in the Harry Potter franchise, we have some facts from there too. How did he get the role of Cedric Diggory? What did the press think of his performance? Find out by watching! There’s a perception that a lot of celebrities will spend money all the time. Just buying another car, or another property somewhere warm. Yet, Pattinson breaks that mold. In his biography, written by Sarah Oliver, he mentions his spending habits. He states, quote, “the only thing I’ve really bought is my car, which cost one-thousand five-hundred dollars and keeps exploding!” end quote. We also have some tense and fascinating stories involving his childhood and his troubled school-life. Did Pattinson love or loathe his media nickname, R-Patz? What career did Robert pursue before switching to acting? To find out this smorgasbord of information, take a gander at today’s video. So, stay tuned and find out what scientific discovery was named after the future Bruce Wayne!

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