MSc Creative Computing Graduate Showcase | 10 December 6pm-8pm

MSc Creative Computing Graduate Showcase | 10 December 6pm-8pm

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Welcome to the first evening of the MSc Creative Computing Graduate Showcase at UAL CCI!

As we piloted the MSc Creative Computing course 15 months ago, none of us would have imagined the later half of our course to be entirely online. Nearing the end of our journey full of unexpected surprises, we are super happy to share with you our virtual graduate showcase to celebrate the end of our time at CCI and the beginning of our new chapters.

The MSc Graduate Showcase is spread across the evening of the 10th and the 11th of December, 6pm - 8pm. 🎟

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Art and Computing share a connected lineage within the discipline of computational arts. Examples include Nam June Paik’s experimentation with magnetic fields to shape distortion patterns on vintage CRT TVs, and Vera Molnár’s experiments with generative algorithms to create process-based drawings. From the start of computational arts, vanguard artists have worked with voltage and code in a simpatico relationship of co-creation. Artists in this lineage engage with technology as insiders shaping materials through process-based experimentation.

The development of this lineage manifests within this graduate exhibition through explorations in creative machine learning and immersive environments. The Creative AI work presented here shape new perspectives and ways of seeing through networks. Additionally, critical AI interventions question AI’s role in society. Beyond exploring machine learning, immersive worlds use critical play to interrogate social issues inside game systems. The politically engaged work within this show strikes at heart of CCI’s social mission, which is to create artists and designers that understand the implications of the technology they bring forth.

— Phoenix Perry, MSc Creative Computing Course Leader.

We hope you enjoy tonight's show!

With love,
CCI team.