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Livvy Dunne Fans Swarm Gymnastics Meet #Shorts

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Show some respect! That’s what Louisiana State gymnast Oliva Dunne had to say to her fans after a group of teenage boys made a massive scene outside one of her meets. “Give us Livvy! We want her! We want Livvy!” And on top of all that screaming, they apparently also harassed other gymnasts and forced LSU to move its teen bus because a swarm of boys was in their way. So Livvy had to tweet out a message thanking people for their support, But also saying they need to respect her and the gymnasts that are just trying to do their jobs and go about their days.

Produced by: Cory Ray, Philip DeFranco
Edited by: Maxwell Enright
Art Department: William Crespo
Writing/Research: Maddie Crichton, Philip DeFranco
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