Massey Dialogues: Social License — Using & Managing Data in ways that Members of the Public Support

Massey Dialogues: Social License — Using & Managing Data in ways that Members of the Public Support

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This event will be broadcast online and is free and open to all – there is no login or registration required to tune in. 

Join Senior Fellow Dr. Alison Paprica, in conversation with Keith Jansa, and Junior Fellow Julian Posada. Moderated by Nathalie Des Rosiers.

Public and private services are radically different than they were 20 years ago. Among other changes, paper processes have been replaced by computer and digital workflows to the point that almost all organizations hold, or have the potential to hold, data repositories that have value both within and beyond the data collecting organization. Previous studies have shown that members of the public see data as an asset that should be used, but there is no blanket approval, and some evidence that what is acceptable/unacceptable varies by jurisdiction. This panel will talk about research into social licence, i.e., public acceptability, of various uses and users of data in Ontario, and steps we are taking to increase the trustworthiness of data infrastructure

Alison Paprica is Executive Advisor and Affiliate Scientist at ICES and a member of the Executive for the SPOR Canadian Data Platform. Her previous roles include inaugural Vice President, Health Strategy and Partnerships at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence; Director, Strategic Partnerships at ICES; Director of the Planning, Research & Analysis Branch at the Ontario health ministry and management positions in international pharmaceutical R&D. Alison holds an Honours Combined BSc in biochemistry and chemistry (McMaster), a PhD in organic chemistry (Western University) and a status appointment as Assistant Professor at the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. Her main research interests are evidence-informed policy, public involvement in data-intensive health R&D, and the leadership and management of research as a topic in its own right. Alison is also a Senior Fellow at Massey College, a member of the Board of Directors at Ontario Genomics and a member of the International Advisory Board for Health Data Research UK.

Keith Jansa is the Executive Director of the CIO Strategy Council. He works with Canada’s most forward-thinking public and private sector Chief Information Officers to collectively address the pace of digital transformation and advance Canada’s position in the global digital economy. In his previous role as Vice President of Standards and Innovation, Keith provided executive leadership in the design and successful accreditation of the Council’s standards-setting process to drive the creation of national standards to advance Canada’s digital economy.

Julian Posada is a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Information. He also served as the 56th Don of Hall of Massey College during the academic year 2019-20. His research combines sociology, political economy, and software studies to explore ethical organizational models of labour platforms and the implementation of artificial intelligence into online work. He worked for the French National Centre for Scientific Research and holds a BA in the humanities from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and an MSc in economic sociology from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, where he was an elected student representative and member of the fencing team.


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