AWS Lambda Tutorial | Learn Serverless Computing With AWS | Great Learning

AWS Lambda Tutorial | Learn Serverless Computing With AWS | Great Learning

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This AWS Lambda Tutorial will introduce you to the concept of Serverless Computing. Serverless Computing has taken computation on Cloud Platforms to a different level. In this video you will learn in detail about different Amazon Web Services applications and services that let you implement Serverless computing on top of AWS Platform. You will also learn how to build a detailed application which will be Serverless in nature. Following pointers will be covered in this session
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:15 Introduction To Serverless Architecture
00:00:00 AWS Serverless Platform
00:15:58 AWS Lambda Service
00:24:49 Building A Serverless Application
00:54:25 Serverless WebApp to AutoOffEC2
01:20:00 Scaling In Serverless Environment
01:30:24 Use Case of Serverless Applications

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