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The Christian Vlog Family Who Faked A Baby

Sam and Nia were YouTube’s perfect Christian Vlogger Family. Their 2 Kids, happy marriage, and impeccable family home was put on full display each and every week for their audience of over 2 million subscribers. So, when they’d find themselves embroiled in one of YouTube’s strangest controversies, it’s safe to say that their fanbase was completely and utterly baffled. They’d announce that they were having a baby, receive millions of views in return, then announce two days later that Nia had already had a miscarriage. The impeccable timing of the event in combination with other pieces of evidence lead to backlash and accusations about them having faked the pregnancy and miscarriage for exposure and views. Today we are going to go through the story of Sam and Nia.

This is, The Christian Vlogging Family Who Faked Their Baby For Fame.

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The idea for this video was partially inspired by "Primink" who posted a video on a similar topic in December 2018 titled "The Vlogging Family Who Faked Their Baby | Sam and Nia" You can watch his version here -