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Meet The Yellowstone Cast's Real Life Partners

The characters on "Yellowstone" tend to live and love in the orbit around the Yellowstone/Dutton Ranch. Except for the occasional outsider, just about everybody's got some kind of relationship to livestock, ranches, and wide open spaces.

That's not the case for the real-life cast, or the people they're partnered up with. In real life, the cast of "Yellowstone" is a varied bunch. Kevin Costner's married to a handbag designer, Cole Hauser married one of the Doublemint twins, and Josh Holloway met his wife in a bar after she insistently charmed him into giving up his number.

If you can't get enough of "Yellowstone" either on-screen or behind the scenes, then take your fandom a step further and meet the "Yellowstone" cast's real life partners.

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Kyle Baugher | 1:09
Cynthia Daniel | 1:53
Jacqui Swedberg | 2:43
William Moseley | 3:38
Bianca Rodrigues | 4:18
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