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We Snuck Into The Oscars, Cr1tikal vs Sneako, NELK Goes To Israel - Off The Rails #64

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00:00 intro - Why we started late
1:40 Ethan met Bryce Hall
7:50 The Oscars Debrief
16:10 Ian & Dan broke into The Oscars
29:40 Truecrime - Jared Fogle From Subway
54:10 Ethan wants a sandwich
1:17:00 Ethan doxxed an employee - Greenscreen edit
1:22:00 Ethan went viral on TIKTOK
1:42:00 Keemstar takes another L
1:46:25 Sneako vs Cr1TiKaL
2:19:40 Watching Sneako's weird Confession
2:53:00 Ethan gets his sandwich
2:57:33 back to Sneako's confession