Going back in time: When dinosaurs roamed India

Going back in time: When dinosaurs roamed India

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The Indian landmass was home to at least 20 species of dinosaurs between 228 million years ago and 65 million years ago.Today they exist only as fossils. Dino remains have been excavated from the fossil-rich Narmada Valley Basin in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Remains have also been unearthed as far apart as Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya and Barkhan in Pakistan. In central India, nests of up to 24 dinosaur eggs have been discovered, fossilised, in shallow pits into which they were once laid. Geologists consider India the largest known dinosaur hatchery in the world. We are also abundant in fossilised dinosaur dung, which offers rare insights on what dinosaurs ate. We have our own apex predators and giant herbivores. They’ve even earned Indian names like the Rajasaurus, Kotasaurus and Barapasaurus.


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