Wuhan Coronavirus: After Trade War truce, China’s new black swan emerges

Wuhan Coronavirus: After Trade War truce, China’s new black swan emerges

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This week: after the signing of a phase one trade deal that seemed like a reprieve for China and its slowing economy, the country finds itself in a new and altogether more unpredictable crisis. Our Political Economy and China desk editors and reporters Zhou Xin, Teddy Ng, Mimi Lau and Kinling Lo bring us insights on the biggest story in the world, on the eve of the Lunar New Year Holiday during which 3 billion journeys will be made in China. We’ll also hear from National University of Singapore professor Alex Capri about another threat that will, in his view, outlive any tariff battle: the US-China tech war.

The US-China trade war update podcast brings you the latest in the ongoing US-China trade war from the South China Morning Post based in Hong Kong, an editorial team with deep contacts on both sides. Each week political economy journalist Finbarr Bermingham wraps the latest developments in tariffs, diplomacy and economy from reporters and editors at the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

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0:01:36 Can China buy US$200 billion of US goods as part of phase one trade deal?
0:05:07 The EU and Brazil are upset at Trump’s “managed trade” with China
0:07:53 How has China handled the Wuhan coronavirus, its latest “black swan” event?
0:10:50 Wuhan on lockdown, the latest from SCMP reporters in the source of the virus
0:12:13 Wuhan’s place in China and the economic impact on Lunar New Year
0:15:50 How does China’s reaction to the coronavirus compare with the Sars outbreak of 2013?
0:17:39 What is the mood in Hong Kong as the first cases are confirmed and masks fly off the shelves?
0:21:21 Alex Capri on the US-China tech war, a bigger threat than the trade war

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