Short the market NOW on Trading 212

Short the market NOW on Trading 212

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If you really want this T shirt I've managed to get it sorted on spreadshirt, it's a bit expensive but that's just what they charge:

You can get 15% off for the next 14 days!

There's also a family friendly version of the shirt here:

The V- Shaped recovery is still on the cards and the short sellers are getting more and more aggressive!

Find out how you can short sell the market on Trading 212 during this market recession.

I also have a chat bout Marstons brewery and a bit more Warren Buffett.

Thanks very much for watching and thanks so much to all the subscribers who got me to 5,000 this week! I really appreciate it and if we can start getting Youtube to pay all the work that goes into the videos might become a little more sustainable!

If you're looking to sign up to Trading 212 here's a link. If you sign up through this you get a free share!

I also have Coinbase if you would like to get into Bitcoin:

Follow this link to get to the discord chat if you have a question for our community of UK investors:

If you want to look at the kit I use to film I've made it easy to find.
Nikon D800, D810, D850:

Rode Video Mic Pro Plus:
Rode Video Mic Go:
Zoom H4n:

Generic Ring Light:
Constant lamps:

Adobe Premiere: