Coronavirus, Global weekend update

Coronavirus, Global weekend update

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Cases, 24, 770, 101

Deaths, 837,853

More than twice as many new cases in past 28 days

Jordan, Lebanon, Myanmar, South Korea

Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Namibia, Rwanda, Somalia, Tunisia, Uganda

Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Curacao, Guyana, Jamaica, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago

Austria, Croatia, France, Gibraltar, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia

French Polynesia, Guam, New Zealand


Cases, + 1,571 = 239, 507

Life cannot get back to normal until a vaccine is found

Extend ban on major public events to next year (all 16 regions)

Fine of €50 ($60), not wearing a mask in shops and on public transport

Drivers of infection

Local celebrations

Returning holidaymakers

Negligence, hygienic, social distancing measures

No decision on Christmas markets, Carnival

UK, ONS, week ending 14 August 2020 (Week 33)

Cases, 333, 806

Deaths, 41, 573

Deaths, 52,091 (England and Wales, weeks 1 - 33)

Week ending 14 August (Week 33)

28,200 community, England (0.05% of the community population)

Deaths involving COVID-19 (England and Wales), 139 (1.5% of all deaths in that week)

The number of deaths involving COVID-19 decreased or remained the same across the majority of the English regions

Deaths increased in London

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New daily cases, 1, 292

Active cases, 19, 381

Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorkshire

July, 30th, four million people ordered not to household mix

Lifting Sept. 2


Cases, 439, 286

Deaths, 29, 011

Schoolchildren aged six and over must wear masks to class


Cases, 5, 918, 381

Deaths, 181, 779


150 million rapid Covid-19 tests

Abbott Laboratories, $750 million


Safe and effective vaccine this year

Seven US states

Disregard reduced testing on those exposed and asymptomatic

California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey and New York

Plan to continue to test asymptomatic people who have been exposed

Risk of early testing negative

Mass gatherings in Washington


One case of reinfection


Population, 38m

Cases, 129, 342

Deaths, 9,155

Extended, barring most foreign travellers to 30 September

Separate agreement with the United States, until 21 September.



Cases, + 94

New cases, below 100

First time since 5 July

4,223 cases of unknown origin

Deaths, + 18 deaths, (16 aged care)

Melbourne, another fortnight of strict stage-four restrictions

Police spot checks, fines and arrests

Metropolitan Melbourne, Stage 4 restrictions apply

Curfew, 8pm until 5am, work, medical care and caregiving

Leaving home, shopping for food, exercise with one other person, permitted work

Caregiving, medical treatment

As much as you can, you must stay at home

Face covering

Cases, + 13

137 active cases

tracing and testing all close contacts of these cases

All close contacts will remain in self-isolation for 14 days


Cases, + 62, 539 = 3, 463, 972

Highest one day rise

Deaths, 62, 550

WHO trip to China

Origins of coronavirus

Did not visit Wuhan

Video meetings from quarantine

International investigation into the origins of Sars-Cov-2

Dave Sharma, Australian MP

It is another disturbing incident of the WHO - which is charged with safeguarding global public health - putting the political sensitivities of a member state above the public health interests of the world

Larger team later this year
Chinese scientists, currently at work