Reacting to old footage of us

Reacting to old footage of us

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produced by Kenny Murphy & TMG Studios

theme song by Matt Miggz

00:00 Insanely Chill is back!
04:12 Joined by my girlfriend, Kelsey
05:55 New Merch!
07:09 Taco Tuesday Girl is back!
12:22 Cody's AI video disaster
18:10 Original Taco Tuesday Girl Clip
25:51 Kelsey's First Time on Insanely Chill
28:40 Ryan's Roses
33:43 Kelsey's First Time on Insanely Chill Pt. 2
36:56 Cody Bleaching His Hair For The Wedding
39:54 Cody and Kelsey Googled Each Other
41:36 Kelsey Starting Her YouTube Channel!
44:03 Emma Chamberlain
45:30 Celebrity Hall Passes
48:05 Kelsey Starts Her YouTube Channel
49:18 Cody's First Acting Job
53:38 Kelsey Meeting Cody's Family
55:15 Kesley's Couch to 5K
57:00 Meeting Cody's Family Pt. 2
1:00:30 Chili The Dog
1:03:10 Kittens
1:05:30 Kelsey and Cody's Song
1:09:48 Bonus Segment!