Siemens Stock Analysis - Dividend Talk - Episode 25

Siemens Stock Analysis - Dividend Talk - Episode 25

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In this episode we did a Siemens Stock Review. One of the former European Dividend Aristocrats that has recently announced to cut their dividend. EMF and European DGI analyzed the stock and shared their reflections about Siemens with you.

We started with the news of the week.
πŸ‘‰ European Dividend Growth Investor shares his thoughts about the end of the dual listing of Unilever and its move from Amsterdam to London with its HeadQuarter. What is the impact to the dividend growth investor?
πŸ‘‰ EMF shares his reflection on Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) who’s starting his own Tequila brand.

Main topic:
Both EMF and eDGI share his thoughts about Siemens as a company. They analyse their overall business followed by a brief dive in the high-level details of every single business unit. After that they discuss their financials followed by their evaluation of the company from a valuation point of view.

Listener Questions:
This week we received multiple questions from our loyal listeners.

1️⃣ Centrino - With these very green days and even weeks, do you still buy at the same frequency as usual?
2️⃣ Danny - What is one stock you would like/liked to have invested in at there IPO if you had to choose.
3️⃣ EloySnowball - Apart from Unilever, which I know @European_DGI just increased his position, do you guys see anything interesting at the consumer staples sector? Or any other sector?
4️⃣ East set - Hey there EDGI and EMF, I am fairly new to investing. I am still in highschool and earn 450€ a month. I am investing 300€ of that every month. Are there any tools or tips that are free to analyse stocks. I want to invest in single stocks not etfs as I have the time to research!
5️⃣ Phil - Do you ever take short interest into account when buying a (controversial/hyped) stock?

Stock Pick
Last but not least, EMF shares his stock pick of the week. It’s a pick which is listed in the UK and heavily benefited from Covid-19.

Final Thoughts:
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