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17 Embarrassing Scenes Tom Holland Had To Film

Tom Holland is a pretty stand-up guy as far as Hollywood is concerned. We just love everything about the guy from his personality to that British accent we always forget he has. And speaking of British one funny moment he had on the set of Spider-Man was the quirky way he said ‘grandmother’ and got called out for it and mimicked by Zendaya. All in good fun though. What else was in good fun? Him being caught on camera when he meowed at his phone. Or the photo shoot he had with the boys in lycra for Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The Peter Tingle has let Tom down on more than one occasion as he trips over his own clothes or sails right over his target. He’s been bonked in the head a few times. Once by something light, another time by a heavy gauntlet. It was his own fault, though. Or the costume designer’s. We’re not sure. Despite being the hottest guy in Hollywood, he’s insecure about removing his shirt on camera. Not because he’s worried about his bod, but just because he’s worried about people seeing his chest hair in 4k quality on the big screen. And did we mention some of his genuinely embarrassing moments yet? Like how he made a fool of himself in front of his Hollywood heroes? Or how he ripped one in front of somebody super important? Oh, and he also sneezed at the most inopportune time. Poor Jacob. Yes, Tom has done a lot to embarrass himself and his co-stars but we here at TheThings still think he’s charming nonetheless.



00:00 Intro
00:28 Walk of Shame
01:04 Cutting the Cheese
01:29 Going Up
01:41 Chest Hair
01:58 Authentic Pain
02:22 Spinning Out
02:39 The Shelfishness
02:52 Meow
03:14 Cruel Unusual Punishment
03:50 Men in Lycra
04:15 Allergies
04:35 The Peter Giggles
05:04 Like a Grandmother
05:22 Peter Parker’s Parents
05:50 Self-Inflicted Injuries
06:29 Normal People Injuries
07:06 The Punch
07:53 Outro

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Written by: Kydra Ryan
Narrated by: Kydra Ryan
Edited by: Olena L

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