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I Survived 100 Days in Stranded Deep And You Won't Believe What Happened!

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A game focused on surviving in the pacific after making it out of a plane crash alive. You have to go hoping from one island to another in the hope to find the resources needed to make your stay more comfortable and also upgrade your raft and prepare your weapons to take on the 3 bosses to ultimately escape on a rusted old seaplane.

Voice acting by @Crowmeda and @Chaotic_Gaming

Mod maps added:
Hightide fortress
La Selva
Smugglers Curse
The Goonies

00:00 - Introduction
00:31 - Day 1-9 | Starting out
10:51 - Day 10-19 | Exploring the Ship & High Tide Fortress
20:38 - Day 20-29 | Moving to La Selva
26:48 - Day 30-39 | First Boss encounter - The Meg
34:00 - Day 40-49 | Gyrocopter exploring
41:43 - Day 50-59 | Second Boss encounter - The Great Abaia
45:33 - Day 60-69 | I am not alone here
50:54 - Day 70-79 | Making weapons and ammo
51:30 - Day 80-89 | Final preperations
51:57 - Day 90-91 | Final Boss encounter - Lusca The Great
54:31 - Day 92-100 | Escaping?
56:09 - Cinematic Outro and Teaser

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