100k Subs. 100x Coins & Top 100 Fundamental Analysis

100k Subs. 100x Coins & Top 100 Fundamental Analysis

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Live Altcoin Research & analysis to celebrate reaching the 100k subscriber milestone! #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Altcoins

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0:00 Journey towards 100K subscribers.
6:00 Early videos
10:15 BTC price chart
12:00 Historic BTC price & videos
15:30 ShareRing (SHR), Yearn Finance (YFI) & NEO (NEO)
22:55: Top 5 cryptocurrencies on CoinGecko
27:50: 5–10
31:00: 11–20
36:00: 21–30
40:50: 31–40
45:00 41–50
48:35 51–100
1:01:15 Alex's cryptocurrencies for the future
1:06:00 Final thoughts from Alex

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