The Truth | The Pivot Podcast with Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark (Series Premiere)

The Truth | The Pivot Podcast with Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark (Series Premiere)

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Former NFL Stars Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder split from I Am Athlete to create the "The Pivot Podcast" platform with ESPN personality and Co-Host Ryan Clark.

In a candid and respectful conversation, Channing and Fred open up and explain how they arrived at this point and the reason behind The Pivot of leaving their former show I Am Athlete.
Sometimes things just don't work out- as Fred explains to Ryan Clark the behind the scenes moves that led them to this decision. The three men discuss business and how pivoting is a part of life and at some point we all have to make tough decisions to change direction. "Not all of your teammates are your friends and not all your friends are your teammates," Clark pointed out as he listens to Channing and Fred talk about the unraveling situation.

New father and familiar face from the original I Am Athlete crew, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, makes an appearance via facetime and tells the guys he is excited to join them once his stay at home dad duties lighten up. Ryan shares his path to joining the crew and how impactful he felt the shows were from the IAA platform which led him to wanting to join forces to continue a cultural movement.

Turning back to their infamously unscripted and real life conversations, the discussion takes a left turn as Channing talks about rumors of certain celebrity couples having open marriages and what we as men and women are willing to put up with from our partners. On cue, Channing descriptively paints a picture of how it would be to have your wife with another man as Ryan and Fred bury their heads laughing off Channing's comparison.

And before the episode closes, Fred calls Channing out on being wrong and needing to own up to his words from past discussions...which prompts Channing to apologize to Deion Sanders for wrongly saying that HBCU's will never get a top recruit after Travis Hunter signs to Jackson State.

OG Fred Taylor sums up the series, "It's the same shit just a different show,". The Pivot Podcast will release 12 episodes throughout the remainder of the NFL season and playoffs, promising to deliver relevant football discussion mixed in with everyday life topics that affect viewers globally through their unique brand of unscripted and uncut conversations.

“To pivot is a positive,” said Clark. “It’s not about setbacks and comebacks. It’s the opposite. It means accepting, adjusting and moving forward.”

“To pivot is to be able to adapt to any situation,” said Crowder. “It means knowing when to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.”

“This is about always embracing the moment, while understanding that what you do next is the most powerful determinant of your future,” added Taylor.

Tune in every Tuesday at noon eastern for a new episode. Follow @thepivot on IG and Twitter for updates and behind the scenes moments.