Why an impeachment probably won't hurt Donald Trump

Why an impeachment probably won't hurt Donald Trump

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To read about what impeachment and how the process works click here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/impeachment-long-does-process-take/?WT.mc_id=tmg_youtube_offsite_televideo-youtubeVideo&utm_source=tmgoff&utm_medium=tmg_youtube&utm_content=offsite_televideo&utm_campaign=tmg_youtube_offsite_televideo-youtubeVideo

Democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump after accusing him of violating the US Constitution, plunging a deeply divided nation into yet another clash between Congress and the President.

But even if Trump is impeached, his track record so far proves he in unlikely to be significantly hurt by an impeachment. Watch the video to find out why

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