The #20 Ranked Top Real Estate Agent In The Country! [TRACY MCLAUGHLIN GSD MODE PODCAST INTERVIEW]

The #20 Ranked Top Real Estate Agent In The Country! [TRACY MCLAUGHLIN GSD MODE PODCAST INTERVIEW]

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Tracy McLaughlin is a Top Real Estate Agent Ranked #20 In The Country, as well as today’s guest on GSD Mode Podcast! Having experience being some of the top agents on the planet, Tracy and Joshua talk about how Tracy got her start in the real estate industry and starting out by flipping homes and then getting her real estate license, what new realtors should be doing in order to become the best agents that they can be, the importance of branding for real estate agents, her newest book she recently authored and released, and so much more! #GSDMode4Life #GSDMode

0:01 - Introduction
2:20 - How did you get into real estate?
5:00 - What are some things you did in the beginning of your career to find success?
9:20 - How to define what a ‘dominant real estate agent’ is?
15:00 - Why did you start your own brokerage?
17:00 - What led to you writing a book?
26:40 - Find somebody in your community that understands construction
31:30 - Did you shift to virtual showings with the coronavirus pandemic?
39:30 - How to get so much done when wearing so many hats
43:00 - Do you think people will continue to move out of major cities to suburbs?
50:00 - Why Tracy feels the real estate industry is untrustworthy or perceived as such
53:00 - Where to get Tracy’s book
54:00 - If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would it be?


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