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Gaming With The "Pro" Version of The RX 6400 - Radeon PRO W6400

Today we're going to be seeing if the professional workstation version of the AMD RX 6400 is any good for gaming, something it's not really intended for. Does Radeon PRO W6400 in action do anything better than it's traditional counterpart, or does it suffer from the same limitations?

0:00 AMD Radeon Pro W6400 - Info and Specs
2:16 Battlefield 2042
3:03 Cyberpunk 2077
3:49 Fortnite
4:19 Red Dead Redemption 2
5:10 Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered
5:49 W6400 Vs RX 6400 Performance Differences
6:45 Final Thoughts

Thanks for watching :)