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What If Yellowstone Blows Up In 2022?

This picture was taken by the ESA Sentinel Two satellite in August, twenty twenty-one. In this picture, Mount Etna volcano erupts for the fiftieth time within a year. Mount Etna is the most active volcano in Europe. Every time it erupts, it gets taller because of the accumulation of erupted lava.
In twenty twenty-one alone, the volcano has gotten about thirty meters taller. Although Mount Etna was once underwater, today it’s the tallest volcano in Europe. Its height reaches three thousand three hundred fifty-seven meters above sea level. And it’s not just growing. Mount Etna brings death. It’s two and a half times the area of Vesuvius. And from the thirteenth century BC, the volcano drowned several cities and hundreds of thousands of people in its boiling lava. In the past, its eruptions caused droughts and landslides. In twenty twenty, the volcano came back to life. The ash plumes rose as high as five kilometers up. All the flights had to be canceled. And maybe that’s just the beginning.

But what other volcanoes are about to become active? What will happen if the volcanoes become extinct? Why don’t people leave the slopes near dangerous volcanoes? And what is the real danger of eruptions?