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Lil Xan Deserves His Failure

Lil Xan was once in what seemed like an unlosable situation. Three apartments in LA, the most viewed music video on Lyrical Lemonade, and a booming social media presence. Over the last few years however, this has changed dramatically. It would appear as though he doesn't have $30,000 left to claim full ownership of his Mercedes Benz G Wagon, hinting at the rough seas he happens to be sailing through. However, if Lil Xan had simply made a few different decisions, his downfall might have been avoidable.

From Mac Miller, to Soundcloud rapping, to Lil Xan's victim complex, this is, Why Lil Xan's Career Died / Lil Xan Deserves His Failure.

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Lil Xan drawing in thumbnail done by: malihaartixt / via Fiver