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Ford Transit Camper Van Tour

For Sale:

The Transit Camper Van is built from a 2021 Ford Transit cargo van and was completed in March 2022. I built this van for myself as a traveling home/office/tool van. I decided to travel around the country working on farms, and wanted to bring my tools with me to be able to work on any projects they would have for me. I accomplished this by building out 6 long storage drawers in the back of the van custom-sized to my tools and tool boxes (I also was sure to leave a cubby for my golf clubs) For the living space I added a kitchen with a sink, induction cooktop, fridge, and plenty of counterspace, as well as a bathroom with a toilet and shower, and a bed and upper cabinet storage. It’s set up for off-grid adventures with 375 watts of solar and 400Ah of Lithium batteries as well as a 40 gallon fresh water tank and composting toilet. Carried on the back I have my trusty TW200 that allows me to go anywhere I can’t get with the van. I’ve enjoyed it for the last 9 months but it’s time to move on to new projects so I’m excited to see someone else make memories with it!